Cool New Skills and Hobbies You Can Learn from Anywhere Online

By Derek Cannon

If you reflect on your free time and don’t see much more than you zoning out in front of the television, it’s time to pick up a new hobby. When we live mindfully, we are happier, less stressed, and more compassionate people. Spending too much time doing mindless activities like watching TV can make you feel unsatisfied, anxious, lonely, and depressed.

Hobbies are the opposite of mindless. They present positive challenges that contribute to feelings of eustress, that particular type of stress that makes a person feel excited about what they are doing and where they are going in life. You meet new people with similar interests when you pursue your hobbies. Some hobbies even have physical health benefits

With the wide availability of the internet, it is easier than ever to pick up a new hobby. There are lessons, tutors, video instructions, and online communities aplenty just waiting and ready for you to tap into their resources. Consider the following ideas from Kristina Lee Music for hobbies that can help improve your life.


Playing a Musical Instrument

If you’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument, now is the time. As Classic FM explains, adding more music into your life can be beneficial in so many ways. Playing an instrument can make you more social. Jamming on your instrument also makes you smarter, more confident, patient, and creative. It’s a great way to relieve stress and it helps build self-esteem. Furthermore, it’s just plain fun.

You can find online lessons to help you start playing just about any instrument, from classics like saxophones, flutes, or trumpets to your rock-and-roll standards like the guitar, drums, and bass. What instrument you should play depends on what you have access to and your preferences. Or you can just take an online quiz and let that steer your way. Whatever you prefer!


Cooking and Baking

Who doesn’t wish they could whip up a feast á la Julia Childs? Cooking and baking is a great hobby because it teaches you about patience and adaptability. When you are in the kitchen, you have to be precise but creative, calculated yet restless. Plus, it’s a great hobby because you get to eat at the end! You can find recipes for just about anything online or even look at video cooking tutorials if you are a true novice in the kitchen.

Start with less complicated, basic dishes everyone should know how to make, like pot roast, pancakes and mashed potatoes. Once you know how to make basics, you can start experimenting with different dietary restrictions, ingredients, and techniques to create a style of cooking all your own.


Dancing and Choreography

If you’re looking for a hobby that is a little more physical, dancing and choreography is a great place to start. Psychology Spot explains dancing makes us happy. It releases endorphins, boosts dopamine, and relieves stress. Furthermore, it’s something anyone can do no matter their age or shape.

People with limited mobility only have to modify the dances to match their abilities. Plus, it allows you to experience the world in a holistic and spatial manner, as opposed to linearly and logically as you have to handle the rest of your day.

Look for choreography lessons online for your favorite dance routines from movies, musicals, and television or just find digital tutorials based on the style of dance you want to learn.


Turn It Into a Career

When we spark new passions and find ourselves involved in exciting hobbies it’s time to start thinking about turning them into a career. Today, for example, many people in love with computers go into IT because of its diversity and many job opportunities. Getting a new degree isn’t as hard as it sounds either; online colleges, like WGU, allow students to take classes anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace. Many classes don’t even put due dates on assignments, so it’s much easier to keep a school-life balance than ever before.

Hobbies provide an outlet for stress while promoting mindfulness. The internet is a vast source of knowledge you can access to help start a new hobby that improves your life. From learning an instrument to simply dancing at home, all hobbies have their particular benefits. What matters is choosing the one that you truly love doing.


Derek is an avid DIY room re modeler and interior designer. He loves sharing his hobby and his love with his young son and daughter. He and his wife created to encourage everyone to explore a hobby they love. 

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