Piano Lessons

Chainging the world through music



Welcome. We are glad you found us. If you are looking for one of the most innovative music schools in the nation made up of highly original thinkers who profoundly care about the wellbeing of each student,  you are in the right place. We are always excited to have the opportunity to shape a person’s musical intelligence and imagination to its potential. Let us explain our teaching philosophy and approach to you.

  • Our goal is to help every student become a competent and comprehensive musician through tailored interactive study, which includes:
    • Confidently play multiple genres of music
    • Read music (score/notation)
    • Use healthy methods and technical skills
    • Play music by ear
    • Learn to improvise
    • Create original compositions
    • Understand and apply music theory
    • Collaborate and play with other musicians
    • Practice valuable life skills such as patience, self-control, leadership, respect, attentiveness, communication and team work
  • We run our piano program based on a music conservatory model. Students work closely with their private teachers but belong to a bigger program that fosters a sense of belonging and community. Our program incorporates with weekly private lessons with monthly group workshops as well as public performances several times a year.
  • We offer a comprehensive program which incorporates weekly private lessons and monthly group workshops.
  • We are a student oriented place, empowering students to set their goals throughout the year and helping them achieve them.
  • Parents receive regular inputs through teacher feedbacks, progress reports and parent-teacher conference.
  • We love to teach beginners. We have one-of-a-kind approach and our extensive resources to support our approach. We feel privileged to introduce the world of music to beginner students.
  • Our teachers work collaboratively. We share in our teaching methods and technique and we work as a team to address student needs.
  • Our incentive programs run throughout the year and that motivate our students to take ownership of their learning as well as work in teams.
  • We believe that while music is for everyone to enjoy and partake, learning to play the piano is not. Piano takes a special dedication and effort and the process needs to be accompanied by a general sense of joy and fulfillment. If a student does not show their joy in learning to play the piano for an extended time, we will discuss with the student (and parent) whether to continue our working relationship.  This keeps our learning and teaching environment vibrant, healthy and dynamic.
  • Our recitals including the Winter Concerts and Spring Music Festivals will be the most entertaining student recitals you will attend. We promise.


  • 45-min: Beginner to intermediate (Most of our students take 45-min lessons, read about why)
  • 60-min: Intermediate to advanced students


  • Seattle Young Artists Music Festival.
  • Events, adjudications and performance opportunities through the Eastside Music Teachers’ Association.
  • Enter ABRSM exams offered by the exam board of the Associated Board of Royal School of Music (www.abrsm.org).
  • To be part of Bach in the Subway (http://bachinthesubways.org) performance program, a global movement of musicians to celebrate the music of Bach.

Studio Calendar, Policy and Tuition

Students are accepted after an interview. Please email to schedule an interview.