Music – More than Sound

By Karen Weeks

Music is life. It transcends all ages and backgrounds. Music knows no social classes, and it is a universal language that we all speak. Most importantly, music is medicine for the mind, body, and soul. Keep reading I offer information on how to best enjoy music and on the benefits hidden beneath each vibrant melody.

Music Minded

Many people think of music as simply entertainment. Nothing could be further from the truth, and music offers many benefits well beyond passing time. For one, many studies have shown that simply listening to your favorite tunes can help you relax and regulate your emotions. Further, music is proven to reduce anxiety, particularly in patients undergoing radiation treatment for cancer.

For older adults, music can even stimulate memories that they thought were long-lost. It’s been proven that cognitive decline tends to affect last the parts of the brain responsible for music recall. Because of this, music is not only a powerful tool to help bring back memories, but may also be a great way to teach children lessons you want them to learn. Think about the ABC Song – the vast majority of us learned our alphabet by singing it. The 50 States Song is another example, and even as an adult, you can likely recite the states in alphabetical order as long as you’re singing them but probably waiver a bit when asked to say them in a normal tone.

It’s a Social Thing

Another perk of music is that it brings us together socially. Whether it’s hymns written to support global causes or simply listening to music on a road trip with friends – guitar, piano, and everything in between gives us something to bond over, even when we have nothing else in common.

Fit and Fun

Music also has lots of physical benefits. When you exercise, music can motivate you to do more. Rhythmic beats can help you keep a steady pace, and having a melodic distraction can help you focus on the task at hand. You can also use different songs to time your exercises, which is particularly helpful when you’re just starting out.

How To Enjoy Music

A tech-centric world makes it possible for us to listen to our favorite songs or watch our favorite music videos whenever. But it’s crucial that you take steps to protect your software when you rely on a digital connection. And if your plan is to take music lessons online, you’ll want to read reviews and take a look at the latest antivirus software. Spend some time learning about how you can protect your devices and personal data from identity theft and other digital security breaches.

Other ways to incorporate music into your life include:

  • Create a playlist on your smart home hub to use while cooking and cleaning
  • Attend live or virtual concerts
  • Sing-along to lullabies with the kids
  • By a ukulele, keyboard, or harmonica and look up YouTube videos on how to play
  • Watch musical movies


Music has a history as old as time itself. Ever since humans first discovered they could do more than grunt at one another, music has been an important part of all societies. Today, we no longer have to make music by chance. We can listen when we want, take lessons when we want, and enjoy all of the benefits that a steady beat has to offer. Don’t be afraid to turn up the volume because music is life and your life will be better with music in it.

Karen Weeks is a senior lifestyle blogger who believes nothing is off limits to seniors. After retirement, she struggled to find a new sense of purpose which lead her to learn a new skill and took a computer course. She created – a resource for seniors who wish to keep their minds, bodies and spirits well.

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