What is a Music Together® class like?

If you peek into a Music Together® class you’ll find up to twelve children and their grownups singing, moving around or just sitting and watching. What kind of “music class” is this, you might ask.

Look again: that hopping child is right on the beat. The little crawler is rhythmically rocking back and forth, making a sound that somehow matches the song. The toddler just went back to her dad and is imitating him as he sings. And the watching child, according to his mom, usually goes home after class and sings and dances all over the house.

Children learn differently than adults. They learn instinctively, constantly absorbing the world. The family-like setting of the Music Together mixed-age class offers and ideal non-formal learning environment for young children. It enables siblings to attend together allowing each child to participate at his or her own level.


Each semester you’ll learn twenty-five new songs and many new activities that your family will enjoy trying both in class and at home.In addition to your 45-minute weekly classes, tuition includes printed & recorded materials for you to use at home, digital access to your music, videos, crafts and plenty of enriching content found in the global Music Together® Family Music Zone, plus a free subscription to the quarterly family e-newsletter filled with resources and music-making ideas.