The Way We Teach


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Teaching the Whole Person: We believe that every person possesses a unique gift of his or her own. We believe that every person can learn to deal with her or his own set of unique challenges. We believe that music has the power to unleash our minds to be creative and productive and our emotions to be empathetic and compassionate. We believe that the discipline of learning to play an instrument can nurture a person to be leaders and world changers. In the process of learning to play an instrument, students develop life skills such as problem solving, strategizing, deep thinking, time management, and patience. Being a teacher allows us to witness the journey of each student and we are greatly privileged for the opportunity to walk with them. In return, we promise to give the gift of our undivided attention, respect for each person’s unique voice, and deep care for their growth.

Dynamic Pedagogy: A flexible, dynamic and powerful pedagogy is born out of 1. the teacher’s ability to be in tune with the student’s learning style, temperament and interests and 2. the teacher’s ability to tap into variety of approaches and resources to tap into the student’s need at any given moment. Our teachers are learning teachers; we pride in keeping our resources up to date and constantly explore new ways and methods of getting through to our students. We, with our students, are always growing and evolving.

Creative Output: We don’t believe that music is something you do just for yourself. Like everything else that is good and valuable in life, learning to play the piano is hard work and it should be shared and celebrated. Throughout the year, students build friendships and camaraderie through monthly studio workshops and performance classes. Public performance opportunities through out the year include: Winter Concert, Spring Music Festival, Composer’s Recital, Improv Jam Session and Private Recitals for individual students. In addition, students can also participate in events organized by the Eastside and Lake Washington Music Teachers Associations, participate in ABRSM exams and share their music through schools and other community groups.

If you’re interested in setting up a meet and greet to be considered for acceptance in the studio, please contact us by email.