Saturday’s Voice

Saturday’s Voice is our partner program with Debby Boland Watt and takes place at our 1231559-10201020758625461-237715882-n_1location in Bellevue on Saturdays. Debby is a gifted musician and a master teacher who  shares deeply in our convictions about music and music education.

We are pleased to offer two very special programs through Saturday’s Voice:

Private Voice Lessons (Beginning to Advanced Voice Students) 

Private lessons and classes will develop the participant’s vocal potential, readying them for: recitals, concerts, competitions, gigs or simply build new healthy vocal awareness towards personal enrichment.  Specific attention is spent on the following important vocal qualities: vocal technique & breath management, body awareness, theory, intonation, phrasing, diction, expression/interpretation, preparedness/stage presence along with sight singing/ear training and choral/solo work. Self-awareness on a kinesthetic level is equally important, helping the student to avoid injuries due to overuse and/or misuse, as well as establishing good postural habits supporting vocal stamina and  longevity.  Debby specializes in Lite Classical, Pop, Folk, Jazz and Vocal Improvisation, Spiritual and Blues, Spoken Word and Experimental genres. deb-s-waterfall-poster-voice-circles-sysa-17_2

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Adaptive Voice & Early Piano

Students of any age, background or development stage can engage in music.  This applies to singing or playing the piano.  Humans are drawn towards music out of a desire to express ourselves as well as to share our music with others.

Under the proper guidance and care of a teacher who has experience and knowledge of working with students with special needs, every student can experience joy, as well as a sense of personal success through music lessons.  Debby is student centered, with patient instruction as an integral element.  Each student’s process is deeply personal and built upon trust.  The intuitive lessons of Adaptive Voice and Early Piano feels like play to the learner but exhibit as work well done, allowing the student to quickly see themselves as musicians. 

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Please contact Debby to inquire about these two programs.: