Music Coding

Music Coding is our School of Composition program. We believe that making and arranging music should be an integral part of any student of music. Our Music Coding classes give students the skills and techniques to transcribe the music in their imagination and expand their vocabulary and knowledge of music through listening, experimenting and creating.

Through our classes students have the chance to:

  • Wake up creativity
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Learn to  respect musical details
  • Become stronger performers
  • Improve the retention of music
  • Learn patience and discipline
  • Cultivate a sense of ownership
  • Light up their imagination


Upcoming Classes in 2019 (All dates TBA in January 2019) :

  • Hacking Data into Music with Judy Twedt
  • Song Writing Workshop
  • Melody and Forms Workshop
  • Harmony and Cadences Workshop
  • Summer Camp 2019: Music Coding and Learning Lab