5 Reasons on why you should sign-up for a Music Together® Class with us this Spring

#5. World peace: Anthropologists believe that one of the main reasons human civilization survived is because of the power of music to soothe and gather people.

#4. You’ve always wanted to play the piano and you want to set your child up for a successful entry into it: This is the best way for children under six years old to engage and explore music. Really, we know. We are experts at this.

#3. You want to give your child the best brain food (without you working so hard): The 12-14 activities that occur during a 45-min Music Together classes are meticulously designed. Every activity has a particular purpose. But you won’t feel it because you’ll be having so much fun.

#2. You need a spa (or therapy): Wondering, ‘Do I have time and energy for another activity?’ Fear no more. Our classes are so relaxing, fun and enjoyable that you’ll leave feeling like you just went to a spa with your child.

#1. You need an excuse to free dance (without feeling self-conscious): Hey, it’s all for your child. So go all out. Let your hair loose. There is no shame!

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